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Not everyone should know about everything that you are doing. While this might not be true for marriages or relationships (but can, depending on your values and worldviews), the first sentence mostly points out to the finances or activities online that should not be easily reached by governments or anyone else.

And while many believe that bitcoin is still mostly used by young people such as millennials and generation Z that does not mean that it is not meant for all adults. Anyone willing to play around with bitcoin should be allowed to do so, no matter what their incentives are.

Popularity amongst adults is rising

According to many surveys, popularity of cryptocurrencies, and especially bitcoin, has been steadily increasing in the past years. Moreover, some believe that this year countless newcomers will join this space. For instance, this survey by Insider Intelligence shows that around 34 million adults in the US will own cryptocurrency by the end of this year, with over 3.6 million using them as payments.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular option, since more than 25 million US inhabitants are already owning this cryptocurrency, which is more than 16% increase from the previous year. But what are the main reasons why adults are attracted to this type of investment lately?

Distrust of financial system

Probably one of the first or most concerning reasons why adults turn their heads to cryptocurrencies is the current financial system. With still increasing inflation and prices of food, energy or real estate, investors need to wonder, whether this financial system is trustworthy. And those, who believe that it is not, often look at the alternatives, which is where bitcoin stands out immediately.

Investment opportunity

Unsurprisingly, bitcoin has caught the attention of most people thanks to its returns. Bitcoin has been by far the most profitable asset of the past decade, which is something that all adults will always want to achieve. Thus, thanks to its price appreciation, bitcoin has earned a lot of attention mainly from the side of adult investors all around the world, who are willing to enter this volatile market.


Another reason, and definitely one of the biggest ones, is the privacy that bitcoin can offer. While this may sound shady, bitcoin is actually pseudonymous, which means that unless the users of the bitcoin network are very careful, their identity will be revealed anyways, thus eliminating the privacy element.

Yet, if the adult users of bitcoin are careful, they could benefit from the privacy features of bitcoin. One of these features is also Blender, which allows users to send and receive bitcoin transactions without anyone else knowing. And why would anyone else want to do this? Well, there can be countless reasons.

Reasons to use bitcoin via Blender

Purchasing numerous products and services can be very private and personal information for adults. These can range from private pieces of land, cars, precious metals to anything like second passports, artwork or access to websites for adults. No matter what the intentions of the buyers and sellers are, the fact is that unless cash is used, in today’s world it is almost impossible to have privacy in the financial space.

And using cash especially for international purchases or transactions is incredibly difficult. Thus, enter bitcoin on Blender. Sending bitcoin is borderless, meaning that it can be sent from one place on Earth to another without any problems, usually in just a matter of minutes (or seconds in case of Lightning Network).

Doing it over Blender ensures that the sender as well as the receiver will stay anonymous and that the transaction will not be paired with a real-life identity. This means that the purchase of any good or service, whether that is precious metal, artwork, cigars, alcohol, even porn or whatever else, is no one else’s business, but the people on the opposing sides of the transaction.


Thus, bitcoin and Blender is not only for groups such as activists or journalists. No matter the purpose, whether a purchase, investment potential, distrust in the financial system or something else, using bitcoin should be private and anonymous for everyone.

It is, in the end, property of the buyer and unless they do something illegal with it, there should not be any reason for any adult to release information about their financial well being or whereabouts. That is why Blender was created.

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Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a piece of financial advice or encouragement and inducement for the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary role is informative, explanatory, and educational. The readers have to decide themselves whether to use or not to use these types of services.