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Journalists and private investigators have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. While it is impossible to correctly say how many journalists are killed every year, according to data from Statista, for the past 20 years, at least 50 journalists were killed every year.

The heroic work of investigative journalists

This is mostly due to the nature of their job. Investigative journalists have to oftentimes go above and beyond to keep their identities anonymous or at least as safe as possible. Due to the inherent nature of their jobs, investigative journalists are often looking around data or information that people tried their hardest to hide.

However, their work can be seen as a service to the public. The failure to hold the powerful accountable is one of the oldest challenges of democracy. If it fails, government can fail too, which in many cases leads to corruption, discrimination, favouring of the richest, widening the generation gap and so on.

And these are just a few of many reasons why investigative journalists all around the globe put their lives in danger. To not only convict those who are trying to use their power for their benefit in an illegal way, but also to protect the poorest and the weakest from being exploited or used.

Yet, in many cases, the work of these people goes not only unnoticed, but is also poorly paid, considering how dangerous the job can get. And here is the first possibility of how Bitcoin can help. Thanks to relative Bitcoin anonymity, journalists can receive donations easily and, under the right conditions, also anonymously. This can prevent their governments or illegal actors in power to cut the investigative journalists from receiving their fair share of financial support.

How does Blender help?

But there is another component to this. Bitcoin, as we have already shown, does not protect the privacy of its users, unless the users actively do it themselves. So, if any entity, such as an investigative journalist, wants to hide their finances from the oppressive governments or authoritarian leaders, they would need to look for anonymous Bitcoin wallets, Lightning Network transactions, CoinJoins or other mixing mechanisms that would make their Bitcoin journey more private, but also a bit more difficult. Not everyone can spend hundreds of hours on education of how Bitcoin privacy or anonymity works in the crypto world, especially if they are spending most of their days with difficult investigative work.

Thus, an easy solution that would make transactions to their wallets or payments for other goods and services via Bitcoin more private, would almost without any doubt help them with their financial situations. And to provide for that Blender came with an easy-to-use solution.

Any transaction, from any wallet and sent to any wallet or address that is compatible with the Bitcoin standards, can be made anonymous through Blender. Solely sending through Blender adds another protective layer to the privacy and anonymity of both, the sender as well as the receiver, which is something that the investigative journalists can use in their favor.

Win for everyone

The improved privacy would not only make their financial situation safer, but through the usage of Bitcoin, could lead to donations and support that they really deserve for their work. Thus, it is without any doubt a win-win situation, since those who would want to support investigative journalists also do not need to fear any consequences. Their identity would not be revealed if services such as Blender are used in the transaction process.

Moreover, thanks to the borderless nature of Bitcoin, these journalists can receive the support or use BTC as a payment anywhere in the world without any bank account. And since it is not uncommon for journalists to move around the world, Bitcoin in combination with Blender would not only make their lives easier, but also more private.

Investigative journalists are not the only ones who can benefit from the improved privacy of their financial status. In this part, we have looked at activists and we have shown how the combination of Blender and Bitcoin can help those who are trying to fight against atrocities that oppressive governments impose on people all around the world.

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Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a piece of financial advice or encouragement and inducement for the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary role is informative, explanatory, and educational. The readers have to decide themselves whether to use or not to use these types of services.