News mixer website update has been released

What changed:

  • The site design has been improved.
  • Added Russian interface language.
  • The FAQ section has been updated, answers to the most common questions to the service support have been added.
  • Added tips sections Common mixing mistakes and What to do in case the bitcoins are not arrived?
  • It was decided to close the integration of new API partners. Cooperation with existing partners will continue.

Blender's telegram chatbot mixer has a Telegram chatbot now!

It allows you to quickly create new mixings and conveniently follow its' statuses.

Link to the chatbot: @madeamaze_bot.

Pay attention! Any other chatbot, including those that contain words "blender", "blenderio" in its names, are scam and do not belong to the mixer team.


Bitcoin wallet, focused on privacy and anonimity

We launched a Blender Wallet website with fully functional integration of the mixer.

Now all the functions of the mixer are available right in the wallet account.

If you've already used the mixer and you have a mixing code, add it into the wallet and you'll keep your current level of security.

Send bitcoins, which are in no way connected in the blockchain to yours, to multiple addresses with a convenient delay up to a week.

Except for the mixer, we added many features that will help you preserve your anonimity in the blockchain:

  1. Address control with an opportunity to freeze addresses also allows you to manually choose addresses that you want to spend.

    In case of the dust attacks you can freeze the marked addresses so you don't breach you privacy by spending them.

  2. An opportunity to create multiple wallets in one account allows you to separate different input transactions (exchanges with kyc, exchanges without kyc, markets, personal savings, private individuals).

    For example, it will help you to avoid sending coins from the exchange without KYC to the exchange with strong KYC, where they might get blocked)

  3. Full compatibility with SegWit addresses provides you with opportunity to transfer bitcoins from and to any addresses.

  4. A seed phrase allows you to restore your wallet with the bip 0049 and bip 0089 standarts in other wallets.

  5. An opportunity to label addresses and transactions and also an apportunity to search through them will allow you to quickly find the transfers you need.

  6. You can specify several recipients in one sending.

  7. No hidden fees are present in the wallet, you pay only a usual fee to the mixer service, in case you use it.

  8. Service is created by the mixer team, which has been flawlessly working for 3 years and received high rates in the ratings all over the world.

  9. Technical support via email and jabber will help you resolve any occuring problems, and the telegram chat will allow to communicate with other users of the wallet, mixer and with official representatives of the services.


Update of 23th of July, 2020

Dear customers,

Today we would like to introduce you a new service from Blender team - brand new Blender Wallet!

You might have already notice a green button in the head of our website. Use it to open your own Bitcoin wallet. Blender wallet does not store your private keys and seed phrases. Take control of your Bitcoins!

You can reach Blender wallet by following these links:

  • clearnet:
  • onion: http://blenderwal4qsydi.onion/


Blender support team.


Changing fixed fee amount

Due to unprecedentedly high network fees after the last halving event in the Bitcoin network we had to increase fixed per-address fee amount to 0.0005 BTC. We will make it lower after transaction fees are back to normal.


Introducing a scoring model

We at believe that the increasing expansion of so-called blockchain analysis services (BAS) poses the direst threat to the anonymity and privacy of Bitcoin users.

That's why we are starting a set of improvements today by introducing a scoring model, which is intended to fight blockchain analysis services. The scoring model brings a new algorithm of labelling transaction inputs.

The scoring model adds a mixing code based score to each input and recalculates scores each time an outgoing transaction is made, based on the input and output amounts of the transaction proportionally. This approach is similar to the one used for bitcoin labelling in above-mentioned BAS, so it happens that Blender uses BAS approaches to withstand analysis and provide more privacy to our customers.

Starting this update, not only the presence of a mixing code on a transaction input plays role on a decision whether it will be sent to a customer or not, but also it's score.

What does it mean to a customer? There are two main aspects:

  • much more transaction security: the number of mixing cycles for each user now has unpredictable nature;
  • there is no way BAS can now determine if your bitcoins are back to you: even if it happens, it's part in a transaction will be small enough to be a statistically indistinguishable from a random ocassion.

Of course, all this will work for you only if you always use your mixing code.



System update is finished

Dear customers!

We successfully finished updating our beloved

Also, we are pleased to introduce two new features:

Longer mixing delays are available

We added additional options to the delay set when configuring mixing settings. Now you can set a delay up to 7 days!

Additional delay shifting

Blender will add a random several minutes time shift to a transaction appearing in memory pool to make transactions tracing even more difficult.

Regards, team.


An important notice on a system update

Dear customers!

We are in the process of migrating our service to new infrastructure. During it, the Blender service will stay functional as usual and you won't experience any issues related to it. However, please note that the service address will be changed on the main page and in guarantee letters.

Old service address: 1hxzxgaEU3Vz9knE2G9YBi6Z6L9bxR8m9

New service address: 1Fd1zWsLCP8okiExCrhzvU4TD8zKYfgbZ1

All guarantee letters signed with the old address will stay valid. We will post additional update when the migration process is over. Meanwhile, you can use our service as usual.

Regards, support team.


New clearnet domain is now online!

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new clearnet domain for our service: is now online.

You can use any of these domains for your convenience, they are fully equal. It will help to prevent issues with our clearnet domains availability in future; if one domain fails, another one continues to serve your requests.


Clearnet domain is back

Welcome back!

Our clearnet address is back from the abyss and fully operational now.

Regards, support team.


Clearnet domain issues

Dear users!

Currently, we are experiencing issues with the clearnet domain Our technical people are working on it.

Meanwhile, please use our onion address: http://blenderiocpxfema.onion. Our service stays fully operational.

Regards, support team.


Partner API

Dear users!

We are pleased to inform you that the partner program is now available. If your business involves cryptocurrency transfers and you need to increase their anonymity and the privacy of your customers, you can become our partner by integrating our service with use of API. All benefits of our mixing features and the power of our Madeamaze technology are now available for you and your customers through the interface of your site.

In addition to a supplementary service for your clients, you will earn 50% fee of service commission for each transfer.

You can find more detailed information on the API page.

Please send requests for a connection to the email —


Update on the 27th of November, 2018

Dear customers,

We have created a news section for the high-quality support and informing you about changes. It will contain news about system updates, changes and addition of new features.

  1. News section has been added
  2. The support of bech32 addresses has been added. You can send and receive bitcoins by means of addresses beginning with bc1. We also keep supporting the SegWit addresses starting with 3 (More about SegWit addresses).
  3. А link to an outgoing transaction in an explorer on the results page has been added. After comparing all the explorers we have settled on as the most functional and having the full support of SegWit addresses.

Thanks for your support!

Blender Support Team.