Bitcoin mixer for privacy extremists

We have stated this over and over again, bitcoin is not anonymous. Thanks to its characteristics and features, bitcoin is pseudonymous, which means that it is traceable and can be connected to a real-life identity.

However, there are ways how an individual can stay “off the grid” thanks to using bitcoin. As of now, it requires not only a bit of skill, but also using proper tools which need to be improved. Moreover, education and studying of these tools is required, because they are rarely easy-to-use or intuitive, which oftentimes means that even privacy extremists can be discouraged by the usage of such tools. But what if there was a simple solution?

Is bitcoin for privacy extremists?

We, and many others, have analyzed the Bitcoin privacy related questions connected to bitcoin from many angles. We have looked at its features and inherent characteristics, which make bitcoin the transparent, distributed ledger that it is. We have also looked at some tools and techniques that can help enhance the privacy of bitcoin such as CoinJoin or anonymous bitcoin wallets that have privacy as one of their biggest concerns.

Yet, it still needs to be pointed out that if we leave Lightning Network out of consideration, there are no easy tools that would make life of privacy extremists easy when it comes to bitcoin. Yet, all is not lost for the people who are concerned with their identities and want to keep as much information for themselves as possible.

Especially in the digital age, where everything is online, mostly on social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have some form of privacy in life. When it comes to finances, people should be able to keep this information for themselves, if they want to. Obviously, if they want to take pictures in expensive cars or on holidays all over the world and boast about their crypto gains, they should have this option and face the consequences, which can sometimes be brutal. Sadly, this is not something rare as it has happened many times, such as in this case or in this case.

Nevertheless, it should be just as easy for people to stay anonymous if they decide to. Having their financial situation in secret and under control is something that the privacy extremists are all about. While they often try to completely hide their identities and all the activities they do online and some even offline, keeping their finances private is one of the most important parts of staying anonymous.

Blender offers an easy solution

And that is where Blender comes in. Privacy extremists have without any doubt already figured out that bitcoin is not the tool for them. At least not in its naked, simplest form. However, if bitcoin is used over proper services or platforms, it can become very private, technically untraceable.

One of these services is Blender, which offers anonymity to both, the sender as well as the receiver when it comes to the on-chain analytics. While many could argue that the Lightning Network can do the same, to benefit from Lightning, the users need to have a designated Lightning wallet and understand the differences between on-chain and off-chain technicalities.

That however does not apply to Blender. With Blender, you simply send on-chain bitcoins and satoshis to anyone who provided you with their on-chain address. All of this is done anonymously and can be enhanced if the communication between the sender and the receiver is either in person or through private messengers such as Signal.

This would make the transactions untraceable, unless the counterparty of the transaction does not fail the privacy agreement. However, that is very rare, if not totally unprecedented, since privacy extremists usually tend to cooperate with their peers, who are just as concerned about their privacy. 

This then makes the transactions via bitcoin over Blender completely anonymous and private, which means that privacy extremists can be added as another group of people who can benefit from this tool. 

Other groups, who can use this tool for their benefit to serve them just like they want to, are for instance activists, libertarians or adult content creators. This only proves that bitcoin on Blender has utility for many different groups, who have one thing in common and that is financial privacy in this overly digital age.

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Disclaimer: This article does not serve as a piece of financial advice or encouragement and inducement for the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary role is informative, explanatory, and educational. The readers have to decide themselves whether to use or not to use these types of services.